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Does Power Supply Affect FPS? Let’s Find Out

Achieving the highest frames per second (FPS) is a quest every gamer embarks on, but does the journey weave through your PSU? Does the power supply affect FPS? The straightforward answer is ‘No.’

But don’t click away just yet! The indirect role it plays in your gaming experience is crucial and often goes unnoticed.

Let’s delve deeper into understanding the subtle yet impactful role of your PSU in maintaining a seamless gaming experience.

How Can a PSU Indirectly Affect Your Gaming Experience?

Stability Issues

Instable PC due to a faulty PSU

A stable power supply is like the backbone of your gaming sessions. It doesn’t contribute to higher FPS or better graphics, but it does ensure that your gaming doesn’t get interrupted by power-related issues.

In my early gaming days, I was a victim of poor-quality PSUs that caused unexpected disruptions, such as my PC refusing to start, suddenly shutting off, and sometimes spontaneously rebooting.

System Crashes and Blue Screens

Blue Screen of Death due to a dying power supply

Hitting a system crash or the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) in the middle of gaming is a real mood killer. It’s like your PC just pulled the plug on your winning streak!

The PSU, a key player in your gaming setup, ensures all components get the power they need when they need it.

But when it doesn’t keep up, especially during those intense, power-hungry gaming moments, it can lead to system crashes or the dreaded BSOD, yanking you out of your game and into a world of frustration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Brand of the PSU Have Any Impact on FPS?

Cheap power supply

The brand of the PSU doesn’t directly impact FPS during gaming. FPS is primarily influenced by the GPU and CPU.

However, choosing a reputable PSU brand is crucial for ensuring consistent power delivery to all components and safeguarding against potential power-related issues that could indirectly affect gaming performance.

Can Adjusting Power Settings in Windows Impact FPS?

Yes, adjusting power settings in Windows can influence FPS. The “Power Plan” in Windows allows you to select between different power usage configurations, such as “Balanced,” “Power Saver,” and “High Performance.”

The “High Performance” setting ensures that your PC is utilizing maximum power, which can sometimes enhance FPS in some scenarios, allowing the CPU to operate at its peak.

However, it’s worth noting that this may also increase power consumption and heat output.

Is There a Recommended PSU Wattage for Gaming PCs to Ensure Optimal FPS?

non modular budget power supply

While the PSU wattage doesn’t directly affect FPS, it’s essential to have a PSU with adequate wattage to support all your system’s components effectively.

The recommended PSU wattage for gaming PCs can depend on several factors, including the specific components used and their power requirements.

As a general guideline, ensuring that the PSU can deliver at least 20% more power than the system requires at peak load is advisable to ensure stability and cater for potential future upgrades.


We’ve explored the intricate ways in which a PSU impacts your gaming, albeit not directly influencing FPS. It’s clear: a reliable PSU is a silent ally in keeping our gaming sessions smooth and stable.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences regarding PSU and gaming performance. Feel free to drop a comment below.

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