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Are 60% Keyboards Good for Gaming? Let’s Find Out!

Are 60% keyboards good for gaming? The answer is yes since they bring a clear advantage to your gaming setup with their compact design. But the real magic lies in the details.

Stick with us as we unpack the features that could make a 60% keyboard the MVP of your desk.

The Reasons Why 60% Keyboards Are Good For Gaming

More Room, Better Moves

Man gaming with 60% keyboard

Got a big mouse pad? With a 60% keyboard, you’ve got the room to use it! These little keyboards clear up your desk, so your mouse can glide far and wide without bumping into anything. And in gaming, that’s a huge win. Why? Because when you’re in the heat of a battle, you want your mouse moves to be quick and on point.

Think about playing a game where every second counts. With more space, you can set your mouse sensitivity lower, so you have better control and can aim more accurately. That could mean the difference between winning and losing!

Plus, a tidy desk means a tidy mind. With less clutter around, you can focus on your game without all those extra keys and buttons you don’t use getting in your way.

Easy to Carry, Great for Travel

Traveling light is the way to go, especially when you’re headed to a gaming showdown. With a 60% keyboard, you’re packing smart—no more bulky bags or heavy lifting. It fits just right in your backpack, leaving plenty of room for the essentials: your headset, a trusty mouse, and maybe a snack for the road.

Think of it as your gaming passport—small enough to take anywhere but powerful enough to handle any game. This compact companion means you can set up fast, without the hassle.

Simple and Cool Looks

RGB 60% Keyboard

A smaller keyboard doesn’t just save space—it sharpens your gaming setup’s style.

Picture your desk with a sleek 60% keyboard; it’s like giving your gaming zone a modern makeover. No more jumbles of keys you never touch. Just the essentials, leaving your setup looking neat and professional.

And the best part? You get to make it uniquely yours. Swap out the keycaps to flaunt your favorite colors, or add a custom touch with backlighting that matches your gaming mood.

Comfy for Hands and Arms

A 60% keyboard could be the key to comfort. With its smaller size, your hands stay naturally positioned, which means less stretching and straining. This setup helps prevent tiredness in your hands and arms, keeping you focused on your game.

Good posture is also crucial. With a compact keyboard, you can maintain a relaxed position, the keyboard close, and your elbows at a comfortable angle. This not only feels better but can also improve your gameplay.

Comfortable hands also mean more endurance and precision, giving you the edge you need to keep playing at your best.

Custom Keys for Sharper Play

Hot swappable 60% Keyboard

Don’t let the size fool you—60% keyboards also come loaded with features just like their full-sized counterparts. Many have mechanical switches, which means you get that satisfying click with each press, and the durability to match.

Some are even hot-swappable; you can switch out keys anytime to match how you play, with no soldering required.

Having these options isn’t just cool tech talk; it makes a real difference in your gaming sessions. Responsive keys mean faster in-game actions, and that can lead to a better gaming experience.

Also, having a hot-swappable keyboard means you can adapt it based on your preferences, keeping your game as sharp as your skills.

When to Consider a 60% Keyboard for Gaming

  • You Have Limited Desk Space: If your gaming area is cozy, a 60% keyboard frees up precious real estate.
  • Your Games Rely on Mouse Action: For FPS or MOBA genres where mouse precision is key, more desk space means better play.
  • Minimalist is Your Style: If you love a clean look, these keyboards keep it simple and slick.
  • You Travel for Gaming: Easy to pack, 60% keyboards are great for gamers on the move.
  • You Prefer a Lighter Setup: Less keyboard means less weight, simplifying your gaming rig.

When Not to Consider a 60% Keyboard for Gaming

  • Your Game Requires Many Key Bindings: If you rely on numerous macros and shortcuts, you might miss the extra keys.
  • You Also Use Your Keyboard for Work: Those who switch between gaming and number-crunching will miss the numpad.
  • You Love Extra Function Keys: If you use multimedia keys or function rows regularly, 60% might feel limited.
  • You Play Games Requiring a Numpad: Some MMORPGs or strategy games are easier with a full-size keyboard.


So, is a 60% keyboard your next gaming ally? They’re compact, customizable, and could just be the edge you’ve been looking for. But as with any gaming gear, the best fit is personal. Weigh the pros and cons, and if you’re leaning towards making the switch, we’d love to hear about it.

Feel free to drop a comment with your thoughts or your decision to go mini with your keyboard setup.

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